Jamstack and Serverless with Jason Lengstorf

2 minute read

On , Jason Lengstorf (VP of Developer Experience at Netlify and DEV Community member) joined @coffeecraftcode and I on the Walkthrough Wednesday stream to discuss Jamstack, serverless, and Jamstack Explorers.

We used Netlify's serverless functions to quickly set up an API to grab DEV posts with the DEV API.

Thanks again for joining us, Jason! 😎 I had a great time pairing with you on the stream.

Watch the Walkthrough Wednesday with Jason and catch up on what you missed:

Take a look at the repository we created and worked on.

The https://github.com/nickytonline/fun-with-jason repository on GitHubOpenGraph image for https://github.com/nickytonline/fun-with-jason

On this stream, we covered: permalink

Amy Poehler slouching in a seat in a theater putting both her hands out as if to say cool!

Thanks again for coming on the stream, Jason!

You can also find the three of us all over the web here: permalink




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