Pairing with Jhey Tompkins

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On , DEV Community member Jhey Tompkins joined @coffeecraftcode and I on the pairing stream to have some fun and help us build out a Twitch overlay using our mascot, Sloan!'s mascot Sloan

Watch the pairing session with Jhey below to catch up on what you missed:

On this stream, we talked about: permalink

  • Sloan, DEV's awesome mascot!
  • Twitch overlays
  • ComfyJS (which allows folks to interact with a Twitch stream via chat commands)
The repository on GitHubOpenGraph image for

Thanks again for coming on the stream, Jhey!

Man in the woods being zoomed in on as he nods as if to say he agrees

You can also find the three of us all over the web here: permalink




We hope to see you on future DEV streams! If you're interested in pairing, fill out this form. Christina and I would love to tackle an issue with you that the whole community could learn from.

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