Productivity Tools I Use

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Here is a short list of some great tools I've discovered over the past year.

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  • Dato - A better date app for macOS. I also love that you can have clocks for different timezones. I have a UTC clock which is super helpful when working on a remote team with colleagues all over the planet.

Dato Calendar App

  • Fig - VSCode style autocomplete in your terminal. It's more than that, but this is one of the first big things they've released.

Fig autocomplete in action

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  • Bartender - For managing your menu bar. I used to use Vanilla, but with the notch in newer MacBook Pros, Bartender made the menubar more usable when dealing with lots of menubar icons.
  • Webcam Settings - Helps me prevent my Logitech webcam from losing focus. I also use it for zooming in on my webcam.

Webcam Settings App Advanced Settings screen

  • CleanMyMac X - All I can say about CleanMyMac X is it has so many great tools for keeping your Mac running in tip-top shape.

CleanMyMac X main screen

  • Cleanshot X - For better screenshots and screen recordings. I've found this super useful, and the UX is great. And to top it off, there is a great editor to modify your images.

Cleanshot X image editor

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  • Starship - A customizable cross shell prompt. I love the extra info out of the box it provides for the shell prompt.

Starship shell prompt in action

  • mcfly - An enhance search for your shell history. Super charged CTRL + R!

mcfly shell history search in action

Check out my uses page if you want to see everything in my toolbox.

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash